What’s a CSA?

A “Community Supported Agriculture” venture seeks to link consumers to family businesses that produce local, organic, sustainable, fairly traded food. In a CSA, consumers purchase a share in the business.  They share in the benefits and joys of the harvest as well as the risks.  In exchange, the consumer receives a share of the best of what is produced that year.  CSA’s help ensure that independent, small scale farmers remain in an industry which is rapidly becoming dominated by agri-business.

By investing a sum at the start of the season, customers guarantee that Al Tinka can operate his orchard in the coming season.  In exchange, come harvest time customers will receive a bounty of naturally-grown, lovingly cultivated premium Okanagan orchard fruit.


2 responses to “What’s a CSA?

  1. Love your CSA and the wonderful fruit but I have a number of apple trees. Would love to just get the plums and pears but I see that’s not possible. Maybe in the future?

  2. Hi Kathy, If you email me your info (tinkaorchard@gmail.com), we can keep you on a list so if we have surplus plums available to order (quite likely), you could do so. Thanks!

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