Al’s Orchard

Tinka Orchard CSA supports the farm of Al Tinka in Summerland, BC and ensures that he receives a fair price for his delicious orchard fruit, allowing him to continue to farm his heirloom fruit trees in the natural, sustainable way he always has.

A retired high school teacher, Al Tinka purchased his Orchard in 1975 and has been farming it as a labour of love ever since.  Some of his oldest heirloom trees are up to 65 years old.

Al describes a pruning cut on one of his trees. Photo by Ben Johnson

Al does not use sprays or pesticides of any kind.  He farms in a traditional way that sustains the health of the orchard, farmer and consumer long term.  While the orchard is not certified organic, no herbicide or pesticide sprays are used in the orchard.  The CSA model fosters a closer link between producers and consumers.  So any questions consumers may have about specific orchard practices can be easily answered – please contact the CSA coordinators if you have any questions!


4 responses to “Al’s Orchard

  1. How come the picture at the top shows cherries but you don’t mention cherries as being available?

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    Sorry if the photo was misleading! Al has a couple cherry trees for his personal consumption, but not enough for commercial sale. Perhaps we should find a better banner….

  3. debbielongley

    Does Al use strictly organic inputs, including fertilizer?

    Thanks, Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie, Yes – in fact the only input that does not come from the farm itself (eg. pulp from apple juicing is spread around the base of the trees as fertilizer, compost is used etc), is a calcium ammendment applied in the early spring to help with blossom set. Other than that, he does not use any fertilizers or sprays, so in many respects, the fruit is cleaner than “Organic” fruit (which allows the use of certain organic pesticides etc.).

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