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Plum Harvest – August 4, 2013

Well, by now our members should be enjoying the first, succulent yellow and peach plums of the season.  Our family was lucky enough to be in the Okanagan and stopped by Al’s orchard to “help” with the harvest.  Thanks to hubby Ben for the great photos.


Yellow plums hang heavy on the tree

_BDJ9928 _BDJ9935

Farmer Al, ready for picking and explaining the process


Fruit of Al’s labours


IMG_6408 _BDJ9965 _BDJ9940

My daughter Sarika helps sweep out the boxes, while Al’s wife Mary carefully weighs and packs the fruit.


Yum!  The best part.

We had a lot of fun and hope that our members enjoy the fruit as much as we enjoyed growing and harvesting it.


As some of you perhaps noticed, the Peach Plums are prone to blossom end splits, which in some cases are large enough for a small insect to crawl in. So, if you got a surprise, opened a plum and found some small ants, or in rare cases an earwig, please accept it as the price we pay for using no chemical sprays.

Re. the second delivery:

We anticipate that it will happen around the end of August or early September,  and it will be a large one, consisting of Early Italian prune plums, Yakima plums, Bradshaw plums, Bartlett pears and some early apples.  We will keep you posted over the coming weeks.  In the meantime – enjoy your plums!


2013 Shares sold out!

Thank you so much to everyone for your interest in our little fruit CSA.  I’m happy to report that as of yesterday (July 30th), we’ve sold all our available shares for this year.  If you’re interested in being added to the waitlist for the 2014 season, get in touch through the contact page and we’ll take your name.  Thanks again for your support!

Also – we anticipate our first pickup in less than a week!  Yum, plums!  Yellow and peach plums, about 20 lbs per share at this pickup.

Stay tuned for orchard photos and updates!